David Moore

David Moore was born at Eardley City, Ottawa, Canada.  He married Susan Maria Vorac of Vermont on Aug. 19, 1839.  After hearing two Mormon missionaries preach in their neighborhood they joined the church and moved to Nauvoo in 1842.

They had no children but brought an orphan with the Taylor Company to Salt Lake City, which the child later became their adopted child.

He met his second wife, Sarah Barker, while crossing the plains, he married her shortly after arriving in Utah and had 6 children with her.

His third wife was the widow of his friend Isaac Clark, at the request of his friend he married Diana Herrick and had 5 children with her.

            David served as Bishop of the Mound Fort Ward for many years, and as a member of the local militia.  He helped build the historic Mound Fort and became the leader there.  He later helped build the Ogden Canyon Road, and also built the bridge over the Ogden River in the Ogden Canyon.  He later died in North Ogden.

David Moore & (Diana Herrick?)

David Moore & Sarah Barker

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